Monsters and Mysteries in America - Season 1


The Lone Star state harbors pockets of land where history, mystery, and terror prevail. Local residents will recount their encounters with the terrifying Lake Worth Monster, the legendary ...

S1E6 - Desert Wasteland

Stories from the desert. Included: Ranchers claim they are being ter..

S1E5 - The Swamp

Stories of creatures that allegedly lurk around the swamps of Louisi..

S1E4 - Badlands

Myths and legends from the North Dakota . Included: the Devil's High..

S1E3 - Ozarks

Tales involving the Fouke Monster and the Pope Lick Monster are reco..

S1E2 - Pacific Northwest

Tales from the . Included: A hunter recalls allegedly encountering a..

S1E1 - Appalachia

n folktales are explored in the premiere of this series, which featu..